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  Filter effects
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1) Oil filter: The filter is provided in the suction line of the pump, filter out through the air hole residual pollutants pollutants into the tank, the pump has a protective effect. However, in order to avoid the pump cavitation, must pay full attention to the pressure loss, the general use of thick metal wire material or recess 100-200 purposes. Therefore, it is not a contamination of the control system of filters.
(2) high-pressure line filter (A): the set of the pump outlet conduit, a protective effect of pollutants do not enter the system. Therefore, it can control the pollutant concentration system. However, since the high-pressure main pipeline, subject to the pump pulsation and pressure impact, so the material of the filter element, intensity should be carefully considered.
(3) high-pressure line filter (B): In the system, in order to protect against contamination particularly sensitive hydraulic parts, just install this filter, also known as the final filter. Thus it is often smaller than the other filters filtering particle size. Therefore, when used to select a large capacity. In addition to the components of the material, the intensity with (A) just have to be fully considered.
(4) Reflow Filters: located in the return pipe of the system, its role is to pollutants generated within the system, or invasion of the tank before returning the captured. Pollution control systems so it is the most effective concentration of the most important filters. Although the low-pressure pipeline, but depending on the operating condition of the actuator, there will be pressure pulsation or impact, so the element material, strength to fully consider. Imported pumps
(5) loop filters: located in the fuel tank capacity of the oil return loop road, the system is large, so demanding cleanliness requirements when often is used, even if the system does not work, you can put in the tank pollutants trapped, Therefore, reducing the efficiency of the best concentration of pollution. Also install the cooler can be cooled at the same time it has easy maintenance. But the need for pumps and motors, and high cost.
(6) Air filter: Set in the fuel tank with the fuel tank and due to changes in air mixed with the fuel tank to prevent contamination. Therefore filtering accuracy of the filter to have equal or superior performance, capacity, to allow sufficient room to prevent the inner tank vents are blocked due to the pressure becomes negative, causing pump cavitation. When paying particular attention to the harsh surroundings.












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