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  Principle and maintenance of hydraulic lifts
[Author: 2015-08-08 Click: 1516 ]

Perhaps many people know that hydraulic lifts, so how many people know the principles of a hydraulic lift it? Hydraulic lifts to give our lives to bring a lot of convenience, so maintenance of hydraulic lifts, or hydraulic lifting platform is also very important. Here we take a car rental Qingyuan will introduce the principles on hydraulic lifts and maintenance.

Hydraulic lift with a compact, wide operating range, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and can be widely used for the job Transport vehicle. Introduction It mainly consists of a hydraulic lift oil source control device, a controller, hydraulic cylinders, boom, square tube, platform and other components.

Lifting works: Hydraulic lifts hydraulic drive, battery carried by freight car to drive DC motor powered high-pressure pump, the battery electric energy into hydraulic oil pressure hydraulic energy, the use of electromagnetic valve control cylinder movement, high-pressure hydraulic energy converted into mechanical energy to drive the four-bar linkage motion, so that the lifting platform to complete upward and downward translational and rotational movements up and down, and other.

On hydraulic lifts, or hydraulic lifting platform, maintenance is very important, especially to pay attention to so few maintenance points, to make the life of a hydraulic lift growth, increased safety performance. As for maintenance should pay attention to the following 6:00, I believe that users pay more attention, careful maintenance, lifts will better serve us.

Lift maintenance work:

1, hydraulic lifts installation, removal and rotation adjustment mechanism, should be taken to ensure the center line and the center line of the rotary mechanism gear reducer parallel, its engaging surface of not less than 70%, meshing clearance to fit.

2, hydraulic lifts each safety device opening and closing limit switch contacts must be reliable, contact the crater should be polished.

3, always check the connection of each part, if loose should be tightened. Hydraulic lifts the body should check the tightness of the attachment bolts (rotating arm methods may be used to create a compressed state) in the body under pressure, hydraulic lifts all connections must have a little shaft cotter pin, and the need to open fully.

4, hydraulic lifts gearbox, transmission, gear and other parts of the external lubricating and hydraulic oil according to the lubrication requirements of the table.

5, hydraulic lift inspection departments should pay attention to whether the broken wires and loose rope shares phenomenon. Exceeds the relevant provisions must be renewed immediately. Wire rope maintenance should be in strict accordance with GB5144-85 regulations.

6, hydraulic lift of the control box, distribution box kept clean, timely cleaning dust on electrical equipment.

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