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  Pollution control of the hydraulic system and filter selection
[Author: 2017-02-04 Click: 921 ]

Faults of hydraulic system of 80% above is caused by oil pollution, control of oil contamination can extend the service life of hydraulic components and hydraulic oil to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the system. Hydraulic system oil contamination control there are two types of measures: first, to prevent pollutants to break into the system, the second is oil filtration in hydraulic system.
Prevent the pollution systems prevent the mouth. Design of sealing the fuel tank, selection of filter performance air filter, cleared when the installed system components and piping impurities, use good sealing the fuel tank, new oil injection system through strict filters, these are measures to prevent pollutants into the system.
II hydraulic system oil liquid of filter purification sucking oil filter device, pipeline filter device and back oil filter device completed oil liquid filter purification, selection filter device to note following points: 1 sucking oil mouth filter device should selection filter precision low, pass flow capacity big of filter device, circulation capacity poor of sucking oil filter device easy caused hole, sucking oil filter device for block big particles pollutants into hydraulic pump., prevent suspended Yu oil liquid of bubble into system. Plunger pumps generally do not use oil-absorbing filters, reason. 2 line filter is usually installed in upstream of important components, filtering accuracy to better than component pairs clearance, pipeline filters do not use servo system bypasses a one-way valve, high filter pressure. 3 oil filter down, thick system of piston rod, flow through filter flow than the pump, selected filter flow to note that filter flow rate is greater than the pump flow and the area ratio of the cylinder piston cavity before and after the product. 4 filter flow rate options: increase the filter flows will extend filter life. 5 filter device precision of select: in select system of main filter device, for example pipeline filter device precision Shi, filter device should can clear hydraulic components movement Deputy dynamic oil film thickness of particles, because this size of particles once into to movement Deputy of clearance within, will caused components surface wear, and makes clearance increases, to makes size larger of particles into clearance, introduction interest further of wear, caused serious wear of "polymerase chain reaction", "polymerase chain reaction" somewhat like MLM as, can fast led to components of failure.Described above is mainly for pollution control of the hydraulic system for solid particle, hydraulic system contamination include water and air, against equally important ... ... In short, design of hydraulic systems. manufacturing. install. use and maintenance of pollution control of hydraulic system of value throughout the process.

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